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    YGSL-120R Full Hydraulic Top Drive Double Power Head Multifunctional Crawler Drilling Rig


    The Drilling Rig Model YGSL-120R, which is a full hydraulic top drive double power head crawler drilling rig, can be applied for different kinds of drilling technique methods and a variety of ground conditions. Especially in the difficult work condition, such as the incompact ground area, the gravel place, and the fragment rock stratum, this drilling can always provide the operator excellent solutions.YGSL-120R Drilling Rig has already been widely used in boring not only the GSHPs hole and water well or water exploration hole; but also the drain hole and large tonnage prestressed anchoring hole of the geotechnical engineering, such as boreholes on side slopes of dams, railways, highways, etc.; pipe sheds drilling of the underground engineering; the grouting reinforcing hole drilling; the small foundation pile boreholes; and the drilling holes of landslide preventing and the treatment engineering of rock collapse.


    Drilling Rig is installed the front and the rear power heads, which makes a variety of drilling methods possible. For example: single rotating drilling for inner or outer drilling tools itself; inner drilling tools rotating drilling, but the outer casing pipes reversing drilling; etc.
    There are two levels (high speed or low speed) of rotary speed output. The rotary speed can be stepless adjusted in rating speed range of each level in order to be suitable for a variety of boring methods and techniques, such as rotary drilling, impact boring (Down-the-hole Hammer drilling), impact and rotary drilling, auger drilling and so on.
    Drilling Rig has large rotational torque and long feeding stroke that make the borehole faster. Moreover, the accident treatment capability and the borehole efficiency are able to be enhanced.
    The structure of the drilling rig is mounted on the whole crawler track chassis. Machine moving, hole position directing can be more convenient and faster that saves more assistant time of moving from one hole to another hole positions when drilling in one work area.
    The hydraulic pumps, motors and operating valves are all selected from international famous products. Thus, the performance of the machine will be stable, creditable and long life.
    Drilling Rig involves the hydraulic wrenching and clamping device (CLAMP), which makes clamping and loosening drilling tools’ connection easier, more convenient and dependable, and enormously reduces the assistant work of the operators during the drill work.The whole structure adopts modular design. The Lineate Remote Moving Control Device and Safety Emergency Stop Switch can be installed as customer’s requests.


    Drilling depth (m)      150 ~ 80      
    Drilling diameter (mm)      Ф100 ~ 195      
    drill power head output speed (positive and negative) (rpm)      5 ~ 35 (low); 5 to 70 (high)      
    power head drill maximum output torque (Nm)      6000      
    Casing power head output speed (positive and negative) (rpm)      10      
    Casing head maximum output torque (Nm)      12000      
    power head to carry out the process (mm)      3500      
    power head maximum pull force (kN)      55      
    Power Head biggest feeding force (kN)      35      
    mast slip stroke (mm)      850      
    mast swing angle (°)      left 90, right 20; or left 20, right 90      
    orifice holder hole diameter (mm)      200      
    on the car slewing angle (°)      left 30, right 90; or right 30 and left 90      
    gradeability (°)      20      
    walking speed (kM / h)      1.2      
    power machine power (kW) (Diesel)      125      
    rig outside dimensions (transport status) (mm)      about 7650x2250x3217      
    Rig mass (kg)      about 8500      
    Optional parts      a) 1.1 ton hydraulic winch
    b) mud pump
    c) wet dust removal device
    d) wired remote control device to walk
    e) safety emergency stop button

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