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    2011’s list of “JINFAN SCHOLARSHIP”
    Author:admin Click:1563 Time:2013-12-23
          2011 comes to an end, the annual “JINFAN SCHOLARSHIP” of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) selection has been intensely judged. According to the selection criteria of “JINFAN SCHOLARSHIP”, applied by individual students and chosen by scholarship leading group, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) awards the “JINFAN SCHOLARSHIP” to 14 students from School of Engineering and School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, as below:

    School of Engineering:
    Undergraduate students: Zhang Zhiqiang; Zhou Tingding; Wang Qinggang; Luo Shuai; Xie Yingpu;
    Graduate students: Yang Bo; Zuo Qingjun.

    School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering:
    Undergraduate students: Yan Riming; Cai Wenjing; Si Fenfen; Wen Xin; Song Shan;
    Graduate students: Liu Xiaokang; Zhou Dongmei.

      Wuxi Jinfan Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. congregates these students who win the scholarship as above.  Meanwhile, we bring our company the most sincere wishes of all our colleagues and hope that the students as above make persistent efforts in studying to achieve their academic success and become the pillars of our motherland.
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