Continuous top-selling South America market
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Continuous top-selling South America market
- January 10 sets rig export Brazil 

  January 2011, wuxi hewn equipment Co., LTD JinFan drilling rig export ten various types again in Brazil. In recent years, the company for South America market strengthen popularize strength, relying on reliable and stable quality products, export the Brazilian market equipment products, year after year, peatlands batch-by-batch sell like hot cakes. The export, it is our company in recent years, the largest export Brazil batch number is one of the largest, fully embodies the South America market users to our product for the love, also by 2011, sales adding a pen life! Dimensions for exported all models for my company mature type, after many years market tests, through our company's powerful improved learning ability, our products have been formed diversified, multi-functional, multi-purpose series product series. Among them YGL - 100 type crawler rig has repeatedly export Germany, France, the United States, southeast Asia, Columbia, Sudan and other countries have got all the customers of all circles reputably.
   To this, staff feel matchless and rejoice, working enthusiasm, the company keeps on rising up and down in the New Year, in the following tasks to try again.

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