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    YG-50 drilling rig exported to Brazil for the first time
    Author:admin Click:2733 Time:2012-4-11
       As one of our company’s mature products— YG-50 anchoring drilling rig had been exported to Brazil and during this month(April,2009)  we have to sold the same machine to Brazil again. These two businesses help us to expand market in South America and also proved that YG-50 anchoring drilling rig is recognized by the Brazil customer.

      YG-50 construction drilling rig is a full hydraulic operated top drive power head drill machine. It is applied to drill heavy duty pretension anchor holes at side slope of water power station, railway or highway projects, to drill drainage holes and grouting pile holes on roof of tunnel (gallery).

    The machine’s specifications are as follows:
    1)  Hole depth: 60-40 m
    2)  Hole diameter: φ100-168 mm
    3)  Drilling rod Diameter Length: φ73×1500 mm φ89×1500 mm
    4)  Hole angle range: 0-120°
    5)  Output speed of top drive power head (forward and reverse) :5-120 r/min
    6)  Output torque of top drive power head: 2000 Nm
    7)  Feeding stroke of top drive power head: 1800 mm
    8)  Mast slide stroke: 500 mm
    9)  Maximum lifting capacity of top drive power head: 30 KN
    10)  Maximum thrust force of top drive power head: 15 kN
    11)  Rated pressure of hydraulic system: 20 Mpa
    12)  Motor Type Y180M-4 Power: 18.5 kW
    13)  Overall dimension of main set: 3000×1000×1500 mm
    14)  Weight: 1000 kg
    15)  Weight of the heaviest component: 200 kg

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